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Who I am Not as a wedding photographer

Last updated on February 5th, 2024 at 09:55 pm

Who I am Not as a wedding photographer

Timeless. Boho. Authentic. Warm Tones. Moody. BOLD. Documentary. Editorial. Photojournalistic. When looking for a photographer for your wedding you will come across so many different phrases that photographers use to describe themselves. The funny thing though, is these phrases seem to shift in meaning depending on the photographer. Recently, I came across one photographer whose on their headline described themselves as “Authentic” For me when I hear this word I think, candid, real emotion, movement. But for this photographer, every image, all of which were gorgeous, looked straight out of a fashion magazine. So I figure maybe, instead of telling you who I am as a photographer, what if I told you who I am not?

Bride Crying- Black &Amp; White Photo

Who I am Not as a wedding photographer

I am not Trendy

First and foremost I am not a trendy wedding photographer. I’m not cool. I’ve never been cool, I can’t keep up with trends and fashion and all of that. The only trends I like to keep up with are what the newest slang words are. What I’m saying is, my style doesn’t change with modern trends to stay up on the latest fads. I hate fades. I think they take away from what is actually happening with your marriage and turn the day more into a product instead of a celebration! Some of you will resonate with that and others won’t, and that’s totally fine either way.

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The main reason that I am not trendy is that trends fade. Look back at early 2000’s wedding photography, it’s so tacky, the florals are gaudy, and there are random pops of color and there are random sepia photos and others have what look like early Instagram filters. Now it’s very warm photos with orange skin tones, however, this is starting to fall out of popularity and is being placed with direct flash candids. (Is this because that’s what that one Kardashian who married that one guy a few years back’s photos look like? Probably.) Either way, trends come and go. This is why I focus on candid photos that are edited to look like real life because I don’t want an outdated trend to get in the way of your enjoyment of the photographs.

I am not a poser | Natural Wedding Photography

Whenever I see someone with beautiful images that are flawlessly posed, I can’t help but be jealous. The attention to detail and skill that takes is truly incredible. However, it’s not me. I am not the photographer who will tell you to move your pinky a little to the left or make you move into an uncomfortable position just because it will look good on camera.

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Of course, I still do portraits and group formals, but I like to keep things relaxed and fun. Let you be yourself, rather than tell you what you should do. I find sometimes the best photos aren’t perfect, because you aren’t perfect, and that is beautiful.

I am not The Life of the party

Sometimes couples are looking for a photographer who will party with them til the wee hours of the morning. Dancing, taking shots, living it up with them. While I am always thrilled when a couple hires me for the full day, I won’t be partying alongside you. I take my role in documenting your day very seriously and would hate if I missed photos because I was having too much fun dancing. Also if I’m, being honest, I have the most fun at weddings when I am photographing.

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I am not way Far away

If I am photographing your wedding I am not one to be using a wildlife lens and standing far from the action. Rather I am in it with you. Think of me as the tag-along friend who happens to be a professional photographer. For some couples, this is a deterrent from working with me. I photograph using lenses that reflect our natural field of view. This causes the photos to FEEL even more powerful. I want the images to carry maximum impact so that you are taken back to that moment whenever you view them.

I am not the details guy

If you love detailed photos then I might not be your photographer. Of course, I capture all the details of your wedding day and create some really beautiful images of them, but this is not my priority. People and Moments are my priority. I try to take as little time as possible to capture details so that I can get back to photographing you and your loved ones enjoying each other!

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If you have made it this far, you may have sensed a bit of a theme. My mantra on a wedding day is to be “at every moment and fully present.” I am always striving to get better at seeing and capturing the nuances of our relationships because ultimately, relationships are what really matter. If you like what you are reading and feel like I could be a good fit, send me a message. I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and learn about your wedding day.