11 of the Best Missoula Wedding Venues

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Struggling to find the perfect Missoula Wedding Venue?

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If you have recently started the wedding planning process and are looking in the Missoula area you may have noticed something. It can be really difficult to find a wedding venue in the Missoula area. When I first moved here from Bozeman this is the question I was constantly asking myself. In the local google map a few options would come up, but the results seemed very limited. It was only after connecting with other wedding professionals and exploring the area that I saw how many incredible venues the Missoula area has to offer!

Now I will be frank with you, if you are hoping to get married directly in Missoula and are looking for a proper wedding venue your options are limited., but once you open this radius up a bit, you will be pleasantly surprised with all the incredible venues the area has to offer. For our list we have included options up to an hour away. (Obviously, this depends on your driving, road conditions, and traffic)

Not sure you want to get married in Missoula? Check out our wedding group featuring amazing locations all over Montana!

The White Raven

218 Lost Lantern Trail,
Alberton, MT 59820

  • Modern Rustic Vibes
  • Getting Ready Spaces for both partners
  • Minutes from Bozeman
Missoula Wedding Venue By Charles Moll Photography

Stunning Missoula Wedding Venue

The White Raven is a sought-after venue and retreat, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and versatile facilities. Situated just a 25-minute drive west of Downtown Missoula, it’s nestled on a picturesque mountain plateau with breathtaking views of the Clark Fork river. The venue is surrounded by majestic pines and stone cliffs, set against a backdrop of wildflower meadows, making it an ideal spot for memorable events, particularly weddings. The location offers both indoor and outdoor settings, including a rustic timber arbor and an elegantly designed ballroom with high ceilings and large windows, accommodating a range of celebrations and gatherings. Guests and clients often praise the venue for its exquisite design, superb amenities, and the exceptional service provided by the hosts, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience​

The Silver Knot

105 W Main St Suite 1A
Bozeman, MT 59715

  • Iconic Bozeman Landmark
  • Stunning Interiors
  • Downtown Bozeman
The Silver Knot Ronan Wedding Venue Photos By Montana Wedding Photographer Charles Moll Photography

Missoula wedding venue with stunning mountain views

The Silver Knot in Ronan, Montana, stands out as a remarkable venue, particularly for weddings, offering a true Montana experience. The One-hour journey to the venue itself sets the tone, with a scenic drive past Crow Creek leading to an awe-inspiring view of the Mission Mountains. This picturesque backdrop, combined with the venue’s rustic-chic design featuring reclaimed corral wood walls, high ceilings, and sparkling chandeliers, creates a captivating ambiance.

The venue’s facilities cater to a range of needs and preferences. It includes a spacious 2400 square foot indoor area and an equally impressive outdoor setting. Amenities include a full-sized kitchen, a bridal room with extensive mirrors and a private bathroom, a groom’s room, and multiple guest bathrooms. The outdoor pavilion, firepit, and unique photo opportunities like the 1946 Dodge Flatbed Truck named “Ruby” enhance the venue’s appeal. These features, along with the available Honeymoon Cabin on site, ensure a memorable and seamless event experience​

Homestead on Mcvey

338 McVey Rd, Victor, MT 59875

  • Iconic Bozeman Landmark
  • Stunning Interiors
  • Downtown Bozeman
Homestead On Mcvey Victor Mt Wedding Venue

Missoula wedding Venue in the Bitterroot Valley

The Homestead on McVey, nestled in the heart of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, offers a picturesque country setting with breathtaking mountain views. This charming venue features a two-story barn that has been meticulously updated to host up to 120 guests for dining and dancing. The barn, along with a dining hall and a unique outdoor space under a canopied willow tree, provides a perfect backdrop for events, especially weddings. Additionally, the Homestead includes a three-bedroom vacation rental, adding to its appeal as a weekend destination. The venue is conveniently located, with easy access to the Bitterroot River and mountains, offering activities like fly fishing and hiking


The Barn on Mullan

8500 Mullan Rd, Missoula, MT

Missoula Wedding Venue

The Barn on Mullan in Missoula, Montana, is a versatile venue that combines rustic elegance with modern amenities. Located near downtown Missoula, it offers a picturesque setting with mountain views, ideal for various events including weddings. It can host up to 160 guests indoors and 350 outdoors, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Barn on Mullan is known for its excellent service, personalized event planning, and comprehensive facilities including audio-visual equipment, a commercial kitchen, and customized bar packages. Its convenience to local amenities and its status as a top wedding venue in Missoula make it a sought-after location for special occasions.

The Historic Florence

111 N Higgins Ave, Missoula, MT

Downtown Missoula Wedding Venue

The Governor’s Room at The Florence in Missoula, elegantly restored in the 1940s Art Moderne style, offers a distinctive setting for events. It can host seated dinners for up to 200 guests and cocktail parties for 240. The room features original parquet flooring, soft gray walls with white trim, a presentation stage, and a spacious coat room. It also boasts a faux fireplace and an indoor balcony that overlooks the Art Deco-styled lobby. This space is fully accessible, ensuring comfort and convenience for all attendees.

RiverView Ranch

28800 Southside Rd, Alberton, MT

Luxury Missoula Wedding Venue

RiverView Ranch, offers a distinctive and enchanting backdrop for your wedding or event. Set in Western Montana’s pristine landscape, the family-owned 1,300-acre ranch merges elegance with a natural, luxurious setting. The venue, surrounded by pine trees and offering seclusion, is perfect for creating unforgettable moments. The Riverview Ranch is situated near the Clark Fork River, providing a venue with expansive skies and natural light.

Skyridge Ranch

35415 Timberlane Rd, Ronan, MT

Wedding venue near Missoula

If you’re considering Sky Ridge Ranch in Ronan, Montana for a wedding venue, you’re in for a treat. Nestled amidst the striking Mission Mountains, this venue offers a quintessential Montana experience. The journey to the ranch itself is quite scenic, as you drive over a bridge lined with maple trees and are greeted by a charming pond with a fountain.

The ranch can cater to a wide range of wedding sizes, comfortably accommodating up to 400 guests. It features both indoor and outdoor settings, making it versatile for different wedding styles and weather conditions. The barn is a particular highlight; it’s not just spacious but also exudes a warm, rustic charm. With its large glass doors and weathered beams, it serves as a fantastic backdrop for any decor theme.

Sky Ridge Ranch is located right next to the Silver knot and is owned by the same family.

Daly Mansion

251 Eastside Hwy, Hamilton, MT 59840

Wedding venue in Hamilton (1 hour from Missoula)

The Daly Mansion in Montana offers a historic and picturesque setting for weddings, set in the Bitterroot Valley. The venue includes 26 acres of landscaped lawns and views of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains, creating a stunning backdrop. The Daly Mansion itself, a testament to Montana’s wealthy historical residence, provides a rich, elegant atmosphere. Couples can choose from various outdoor spaces for their ceremony, and the venue provides a large tent with a concrete floor, chandeliers, and necessary amenities like restrooms and parking. Additionally, it offers chairs, tables, and setup services. This unique venue combines natural beauty with historical grandeur, making it an ideal choice for a memorable wedding

Paws Up Resort

40060 Paws Up Rd, Greenough, MT 59823

Wedding venue in Hamilton (1 hour from Missoula)

Located about 40 minutes from Missoula on your way to Seeley lake you willl find Paws up Resort. The Resort at Paws Up offers a unique and luxurious setting for weddings, combining the rugged beauty of a 37,000-acre ranch with top-notch amenities. This venue is ideal for couples seeking a blend of adventure and elegance in a natural setting. Whether you envision a grand black-tie affair or a more intimate and casual celebration, Paws Up can accommodate your dream wedding. The resort features a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including the beautifully renovated Bull Barn, which retains its historic charm while offering modern conveniences.

Guests can enjoy a range of accommodations, from luxury homes to glamping tents, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone. The resort’s setting provides a stunning backdrop for your special day, with starlit skies and untouched wilderness. Catering is provided by the venue, with a focus on high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The resort also offers a range of activities, such as horseback riding, fly-fishing, and hiking, making it an excellent choice for couples looking to create a memorable wedding experience for themselves and their guests​​​​​​.

Quinn’s Hot Spprings

I-90 MT-135, Paradise, MT 59856

Wedding venue in Paradise (1.5 hour from Missoula)

While Quinn’s is a bit further a way from Missoula, I would be Remiscde to not mention it.Quinn’s Hot Springs offers a unique wedding venue experience in Montana, providing a picturesque riverside setting ideal for creating lifelong memories. It operates year-round, from 7 a.m. to midnight, accommodating various activities such as fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing, enhancing the wedding experience with nature’s backdrop. The resort is well-equipped with amenities like air conditioning, a bar/lounge, internet access, non-smoking rooms, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests. Its scenic views and comprehensive services make it a charming choice for couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and modern facilities for their special day​​.

This venue hosted one of my all-time favorite weddings, where a couple floated down the river, had a ceremony on an island, and then went back to Quinn’s for their reception.

The Barn at Teller Wildlife Refuge

1288 Eastside Hwy, Corvallis, MT 59828

Rustic Missoula Wedding Venue

For couples planning their wedding, The Barn at Teller Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Montana, offers a serene and picturesque setting. Nestled in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, this venue provides a stunning backdrop of unobstructed mountain views, perfect for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows with the majestic Bitterroot Mountains as your backdrop, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

The Barn itself is a blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. Its loft is equipped with a dance floor, stage, and can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests, making it ideal for both intimate and larger gatherings. The venue also offers lodging facilities, with two onsite farmhouses that can house up to 14 guests, ensuring a comfortable stay for you and your close ones.

In addition to its natural beauty and excellent facilities, The Barn at Teller Wildlife Refuge is dedicated to conservation and education, adding a unique and meaningful dimension to your celebration. Their team, along with conservation partners, works to preserve the natural beauty of the region, offering an opportunity for couples to support and engage with these initiatives.

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What makes a venue one of “the best wedding venues in Missoula”?

This is a big question and can vary from person to person. However here are a few marks of a great venue.

  1. Montana’s Unmatched Beauty: Choosing a Montana wedding venue almost guarantees a breathtaking backdrop. The state’s natural splendor shines in every season, making any location you choose a stunning one. Investing in a visually appealing venue is crucial, as it not only enhances your photographs but also elevates the overall experience for you and your guests.
  2. Venue Size Matters: It’s essential to pick a venue that accommodates your guest list comfortably. If you’re in love with a smaller venue, consider trimming your guest list for a more intimate setting. For larger gatherings, outdoor venues in Montana offer the luxury of space without the constraints of indoor fire codes. For a smaller, more personal wedding, unique spaces like an Airbnb can add a cozy and exclusive feel.
  3. Weather-Proof Plans: Montana’s weather can be unpredictable, with record-breaking temperature swings. Select a venue that offers flexibility – either an indoor option or an outdoor space with a covered area, ensuring comfort and continuity no matter the weather.
  4. On-Site Amenities: Opt for a venue that includes essential amenities like tables and chairs. Venues in Bozeman that provide these in-house can save you significant time and expense, streamlining your planning process.
  5. Convenience of Lodging: A venue that offers nearby or on-site lodging is a major plus. It simplifies logistics for you and your guests, making the transition from ceremony to reception to accommodation seamless and stress-free.
  6. Location is Key: Choose a venue that’s conveniently located to reduce travel time and stress. Remember, unforeseen delays can occur. I recall a wedding where extensive travel between locations caused significant stress. Proximity is vital – it can be the difference between a relaxed day and a frantic rush. This can be challenging in the Missoula area due to how far venues are from the city center. Thankfully a lot of missoula wedding venues have some amount of onsite lodging.
  7. Curfew Considerations: Be aware of the venue’s time restrictions. Some venues may not allow celebrations late into the night. Depending on your preference for an early evening event or a night-long party, ensure the venue’s policy aligns with your plans.
  8. The Importance of Reliable Vendors: While the venue sets the stage, the success of your wedding hinges on your vendors. Even the most exquisite venue can’t compensate for subpar service. Choose a team of trustworthy wedding vendors who can bring your vision to life flawlessly.

Missoula Wedding Venue By Charles Moll Photography

Should I have an indoor or outdoor Missoula wedding venue?

Missoula’s weather can be quite variable, especially during the winter, spring, & fall. (expect inversions & cloudy days.) It’s advisable to choose a wedding venue that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. Despite planning for a sunny July wedding, unexpected rain or forest fires could make outdoor conditions unfavorable. Opting for a Bozeman wedding venue with versatile space allows you to easily adjust to any weather changes, ensuring your guests’ comfort throughout the event.

What is the most Beautiful place to have a wedding in Montana?

There are tons of great spots to get married in Montana! Bozeman is a great option when looking for a wedding venue. Not only is the city beautiful, but it is close to an airport, and Yellowstone National Park, and has a lot of great venue options.

How Much do Wedding Venues in Missoula Cost?

The answer to this question is complex and varies based on your expectations from a Bozeman wedding venue. Typically, the cost of venues fluctuates between $5,000 and $10,000. However, there are numerous choices available that significantly deviate above or below this average range. Check out our page about the costs of a wedding in Montana to learn more.

What are Cheap Wedding Venues in Missoula?

Explore options like the The Childeren’s theater, Fort Missoula, Highlanderbrewing, nearby fairgrounds, community centers, or churches. These venues, often underappreciated, can offer wonderful settings at an affordable cost. For example, my partner and I held our reception at the Bozeman fairgrounds. With some effort, we successfully transformed it into an elegant hall for our event. Also check out this reddit thread for some great insights.