The Silver Knot By Charles Moll Photography

Breathtaking Views: The Silver Knot, Ronan Wedding Venue

As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the unique opportunity to explore countless venues, each with its distinct character. One such gem, nestled amidst the rolling landscape of Ronan, Montana, is The Silver Knot. With its rustic charm and the stunning Mission Mountains as its backdrop, this venue offers a picturesque setting, and a perfect choice for our top Montana Venues list.

The Silver Knot | Ronan Wedding Venue

Photographs by Charles Moll Photography

The Silver Knot’s Majestic Backdrop: The Mission Mountains

The Silver Knot boasts a compelling Montana atmosphere that instantly sets it apart. With rustic trim, reclaimed wood, and white shiplap details adorning the venue, it truly brings alive the spirit of the region. While the venue itself is impressive what truly sets it apart is the stunning views of the Mission Mountains. These are hands down one of my favorite mountain ranges in the state!

The Barn: More Than Just Wooden Beams

With its reclaimed dock wood from Flathead Lake, corral-siding walls, and opulent chandeliers, it’s a masterpiece of rustic elegance. My favorite aspect of this venue is the mountain-facing window. They pull in the mountain vistas, creating a dynamic backdrop for any ceremony or reception held indoors.

The Silver Knot By Charles Moll Photography

Photographs by Charles Moll Photography

In Montana, many of the venues you will find are only operational in the summer months. The Silver Knot, however, features AC & heating allowing your guests to be comfortable no matter what time of year you are getting married!

Tips for Optimal Indoor Shots

  1. Positioning: Always remember, light is your best friend. If possible, place the main ceremony events, like the exchange of rings or the first kiss, near these windows.
  2. Time: Evening receptions can benefit from the twilight hues filtering in, making for some ethereal shots. Mid-day ceremonies? Use sheer drapes to diffuse the light and avoid harsh shadows.

Embracing Montana’s Great Outdoors at the Silver Knot

While the indoors are stunning, Silver Knot’s outdoor offerings are where the venue truly shines. The courtyard, the sprawling 26-acre ranch, the waterfalls – each corner is a canvas waiting to be captured.

Tailored Packages & Offerings

Silver Knot isn’t just about breathtaking views; it’s how they’ve packaged these views with amenities that stand out. From the firepit, perfect for cozy evening shots, to the honeymoon cabin, there’s a scene for every mood. What I love about this venue is the affordability and the amount of rental options they offer their guests.

2023-2024 Package Prices

  • Friday-Saturday Package: For approx. 50-150 guests, priced at $8,400.
  • Sunday Package (Single Day): Priced at $6,500.
  • Midweek Package (Two Day Blocks): Comes in at $5,600.
  • Winter Package: Custom quotes available on inquiry.
  • Deluxe Package: For those wanting a lavish experience with à la carte options.

Timing is Everything

Montana’s seasons each offer a unique backdrop. However, if I were to choose:

  • Peak Season (May-Oct): Ideal for those vibrant outdoor shots.
  • Off-Season (Nov-Apr): Think cozy, intimate, and snow-draped landscapes.

For more info be sure to check out The Silver Knot’s site

It is also important to note that The Silver Knot’s sister site The Sky Ridge Ranch is right next door allowing you to check out 2 venues at once!

Photos of The Silver Knot Ronan Wedding Venue

Photographs by Charles Moll Photography


The Silver Knot Wedding Venue isn’t just a location; it’s an experience. And for a photographer who thrives on authenticity and genuine moments, it’s a canvas of endless possibilities. Couples, as you envision your big day, know that at Silver Knot, every frame will be a masterpiece, echoing the raw beauty of Montana.