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Hey! I’m Charles (CJ)

Lead Photographer at Charles Moll Photography

Not too long ago I was in your shoes. My wife Delaney and I got engaged on February 12th 2020 and couldn’t wait to start planning our summer wedding. From the beginning, the only thing we wanted was a simple wedding where we could celebrate with our family and friends, but within a month of engagement, that hope began to fade with the onset of COVID.

Over the next few months, all the pressure around weddings began to seem so insignificant. We simply hoped we could have a wedding.

About 1 month before our wedding date some of the restrictions were lifted and we were able to invite a small number of people to our wedding. The simple things became the biggest blessings. My best man could make it because a travel ban was lifted, the majority of our closest family and friends could celebrate with us.

I will never forget a moment at our reception when my wife looked at me and said,

Every single person in here has had an impact on our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Though I had majored in photography at Montana State and photographed weddings before, this made me rethink everything I knew about being a wedding photographer. It wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about my portfolio or Instagram following.

I was there to capture the relationships that matter, the meaningful moments, and the natural beauty of your relationship.

Through our intentional process and heart-crafted imagery, we tell your story through bold, emotional, and dynamic photographs so that you can enjoy those who mean the most to you and keep the main thing the main thing.

Quick Facts

I Love Movies so much I have a degree in film and photography

In college, I majored in film and photography. Initially, I wanted to go to Hollywood to become a cinematographer before I realized I didn’t want to live in a city. This led me to change my focus to photography. My favorite films are Jurassic Park, Dune more recently, and Rebel Without a Cause.

I Love Weightlifting

In Highschool I competed in Olympic Weightlifting and even qualified for Junior nationals. This is still a fun hobby for me though at this point I am not as concerned about getting big numbers, just staying healthy.

I am on the board of MPPA

I recently joined the board of the Montana Professional Photographers Association. I am super excited by this opportunity to learn and invest in my industry!

I am working on a photo book!

One of my big personal goals has always been to publish a documentary photobook. While I don’t want to give away too many details, I am hoping within a year or 2 this heading will say that I have published a photobook.

Charles Moll Wedding Photographer In Bozeman

I used to work in the nonprofit world

Before becoming a full-time wedding photographer, I worked in the nonprofit world as a Missionary and a Marketing Director for different nonprofits. With this, I was able to create photos and videos all over the world. My favorite country I got to travel to was India.

By Charles Moll Photography

This is Us.

Before I actually met Delaney, multiple friends told us both that we should date. While our first 3 -5 dates were incredibly awkward, our friends were right! On June 27, 2020, just over a year after meeting her, we were married.

We love food, learning, adventures, and our dog Riley.

From the beginning of our time together we saw a lot of friends walk through hardships, both marital and otherwise. This is why we try to laugh a lot, forgive each other quickly, and enjoy each day as a gift. (always easier said than done)

We’d love to buy you a cup of coffee or have you over for dinner since we are always excited to make a new friend.


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By Charles Moll Photography
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Lauren & Johnny

“he managed to get every laugh, tear and special moment! I feel like I am reliving my wedding when I look at our photos.”

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Charles Moll Wedding Photographer In Bozeman

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I like to say I’m the photographer for people who don’t like having their picture taken. I focus on real memories & meaningful moments, rather than generic poses. Sound like your jam? Let’s talk!

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