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The Ultimate 12-Month Montana Wedding Checklist

Last updated on February 7th, 2024 at 08:41 pm

The Ultimate Montana Wedding Checklist


As a seasoned wedding photographer who’s spent the better part of my career capturing joyous moments under the big Montana sky, I can honestly say there’s no other place quite like it for saying “I do.” From snow-capped mountain peaks to the golden plains, the beauty and unique allure of Montana provide an unparalleled backdrop for your special day. But, like any worthwhile endeavor, planning a wedding here requires a good deal of organization and a solid Montana wedding checklist you can count on.

Understanding Montana

Montana Wedding Checklist Couple Hugging Charles Moll Photography

Montana is a state of diverse landscapes, from the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone Park in the west to the Great Plains in the east. Each region brings its own unique flavor and charm to a wedding. For instance, the Flathead Lake region with its majestic lake views and quaint orchards could be ideal for a summer wedding, while a winter wedding might find its home in the snow-capped mountains of Big Sky.

And then, there’s the question of seasons. Fall brings an explosion of colors, winters are serene with crisp air and snowflakes, springs are mild with wildflowers blooming, and summers are warm and sunlit until late into the evening. Every season has its charm, and your wedding date might dictate your venue choice.

Speaking of venues, the choices are aplenty—from luxury ranches and mountain lodges to historic hotels and open-air barns. Selecting a venue is more than just falling in love with the location; it’s about understanding what the venue offers in terms of facilities, staff experience, and contingency plans.

The Ultimate Montana Wedding Checklist

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12 Months Before the Wedding

Booking the venue should be at the top of your checklist. Montana’s popular venues get reserved fast, and you’d want to get in early. Engage a local wedding planner if budget permits—they know the terrain, have local contacts, and can help navigate permits and regulations. Begin building your guest list and, crucially, find a photographer whose work resonates with you.

6-9 Months Before the Wedding

Accommodation for your guests should be sorted out next. Montana can be remote and getting to some of these gorgeous venues can involve a bit of travel. Make sure to provide detailed information to your guests so they can plan accordingly. This is also a great time to send out your save-the-date cards, order the wedding dress, and begin to finalize the look of your bridesmaids.

3-5 Months Before the Wedding

By now, your guest list should be taking a final shape, and the formal invitations can be sent out. Book your vendors—caterers, florists, musicians/DJ—and start thinking about a menu. Montana has some fantastic local produce and incorporating that into your menu could be a unique touch. And don’t forget the wedding cake!

1-2 Months Before the Wedding

In these final months, confirm details with all your vendors, have a final fitting for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, and plan the wedding rehearsal. Construct a detailed day-of timeline, keeping in mind the photography schedule. Remember, Montana can have some surprising weather, so always have a plan B.

Final Weeks and Days

The final stretch involves confirming guest attendance, finalizing seating arrangements, and wrapping up meetings with your wedding planner, photographer, and other vendors. And remember to pack for the wedding, keeping Montana’s weather in mind.

Last-minute Tips for your Montana Wedding Checklist

Want some more help with your wedding endeavors?

Planning a wedding is a beast. This Montana wedding checklist can be a great help, but it only scratches the surface. Click the button below to get our free 80-page wedding guide!


Your wedding in Montana is going to be breathtaking, and the journey getting there should be too. So, remember to soak it all in—the stunning beauty of Montana, the union of two hearts, and the love of your gathered friends and family. Through all the planning and organization, keep sight of what truly matters. You’re getting married in one of the most beautiful places on earth—embrace every moment of it.

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