When looking for a venue that offers lots of space with stunning views, The Rockin’ TJ Ranch may be one of the first venues that comes to mind. With a 4,800 square foot Grand Hall and ten acres showcasing a beautiful panorama of the Bridger Mountains, this venue is perfect for wedding photos as well as making memories that will last a lifetime! Read on to learn more about what makes this venue unique or check out our Bozeman Wedding Venue page to see other great options in Gallatin Valley.

Venue Accommodations

The Rockin’ TJ Ranch has scenic outdoor meadows for ceremonies, and the large Grand Hall for receptions. They also have an outdoor patio and bar, making it easy to customize and arrange details of how you want your wedding to look overall. The following is a little more about each aspect of The Rockin’ TJ Ranch spaces:

The Outdoor Meadows

The Rockin’ TJ Ranch’s scenic meadows are quiet, charming areas that provide beautiful views for miles. The property, itself, is only 3.7 miles from Bozeman’s city center, which helps make traveling much more easy and convenient. Wedding photos taken here will provide elegant, natural scenes, making it an ideal backdrop, especially during sunset.

The Outdoor Patio And Bar

This venue also provides an outdoor patio and bar area that will help your guests relax and enjoy intermissions or cocktail hours before entering the main reception area. This space can also be used for wedding photos and activities, as well as extra space where you and your guests can dance. 

The Grand Hall

One of the most spectacular areas within The Rockin’ TJ Ranch is the Grand Hall. As mentioned earlier, this space is 4,800 square feet, making it a great space to customize according to your wedding. The floors have concrete tiles, which are a soft ginger color.

Additionally, there are two large doors, which are 12 feet in height. They are located to the east of the room and open to the outdoors. Doors, on the north side of the room, are glass and open to another outdoor patio. All of this together can help create different wedding decor looks – from a natural, warm atmosphere to a modern, regal element, depending on the theme of your wedding.

Noteworthy Features For Couples

There are two special features for couples to enjoy when choosing The Rockin’ TJ Ranch as their wedding venue. They are the bridal salon and the groom’s tent. Here are the details of these two features:

Bridal Salon

The bridal salon at The Rockin’ TJ Ranch is a feature that was created to help brides and their bridal party members relax and enjoy the day ahead. The salon also offers an area for hairstyling, make-up, and changing to help make the day run more smoothly. This is a great feature, as it allows you to get photos of the time leading up to your wedding ceremony.

Grooms Tent

The Rockin’ TJ Ranch’s groom’s tent is an area located on the north meadow of the venue. It is a space that allows the groom to enjoy a few games, drinks, and some time with his friends and family before the wedding. The area here provides great moments to capture in a peaceful and retreat-like setting.

Available Pricing

When it comes to the price range of having a wedding at the Rockin’ TJ Ranch, the venue provides a few options to make the overall price quite affordable. The following are the two basic wedding packages that are available:

  • Sunday-Thursday: $8,495.00
  • Friday, Saturday, and Holidays: $9,495.00

These packages include everything from set up to customized menus for catering packages. Each package also gives you exclusive access to the venue from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. on the day of your wedding. You also have the option to add on to these packages according to your preferences and wants. 

Choose A Photography Company That Cares

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