Proposal Photography - Best Places To Propose In Southwest Montana

10 Best Places to Propose in Montana – Proposal Photography

Are you looking for the best places to propose in Bozeman, Big Sky, or somewhere else in Montana? Thinking about having your proposal captured professionally? You’ve found the right place to consider all your options. Montana is incredibly beautiful and offers endless possibilities and photography spots when it comes to popping the question to the love of your life. Are you already engaged? Check out this article if you are already engaged and looking for the best engagement locations in Bozeman, MT.

Why hire a photographer for your proposal?

Memories! When you look back, this moment will be one of the biggest ones of your life and it goes by in a blink of an eye. Having your proposal photographed ensures that you and your partner will remember the actual moment and everything surrounding it! The tears, the smiles, the hugs, the kisses, the location, and the decorations of your proposal. When working with me I capture all the moments leading up to the proposal, the proposal itself, and portraits following the big question.

Get in touch to book your photo session

Let the world know! The only photo my wife and I have of our engagement is a grainy selfie taken in my living room after I proposed. When you hire a professional you are able to share your engagement in all its beauty. These photographs are perfect for your albums, social media posts announcing your engagement, wedding invites, and save-the-date cards down the road. #weddingplanninghack

The epic ring shot. The first thing everyone will want to see once your engaged is the ring! This is likely very important to your partner, so having a perfectly lit professional photo of the ring guarantees you’ll not have to worry about that.

Your family and friends can feel like they were there. Your partner’s parents and yours are probably going to appreciate seeing the photos, especially if they are out of state and can’t celebrate with you on the day/week of. Sharing the images will help score points with your future in-laws!

Get some experience in front of the camera. Engagement and wedding photos will be just around the corner. Having your portraits done professionally following your proposal will help you feel much more comfortable later on which always results in better and more natural photos on your wedding day!

Planning your Proposal with a Photographer

I remember being wildly stressed when planning to propose to my wife. I was worried I would lose the ring, forget what to say, or she would find out before I wanted her to.

There are many things to consider if you want everything to run super smoothly and the moment to be perfectly documented. Typically, I offer two ways to capture your proposal.

  1. Completely candid Immediately after your booking, we’ll set up a strategy call to discuss all the details, decide on a location, and make a bulletproof plan. On the day of your proposal, I will be completely available through phone call or text, (as long as there is cell service) and will arrive early to set up, do light tests and find the perfect hiding spot to capture your proposal in secret from a reasonable distance. This plan works best in locations with a known meeting point, such as the M Hike, Story Mill Park, or Ousel Falls.
  2. A photoshoot that turns into a proposal You tell your partner that you’ve booked a photographer for some fun couples photos or to update your headshots. About 10 minutes into the photo session, you get on one knee and propose! This way works really well in more remote areas or if you’d like more privacy. The photos from this plan will be more intimate and in the moment.
  3. More options include helicopter proposals, fine dining experiences, and designed proposal backdrops.

    *Here are more excuses for having a photo shoot that turns into a proposal:
    • Find empty space in your house and say you want a photo of you to hang there
    • Tell them you want to start making relationship photo yearbooks and this shoot will be the start of it
    • Holiday cards are the perfect excuse for a shoot.
    • You can gift them (or yourself) a shoot as a birthday present, or any type of present.
    • If it’s your dating anniversary, a photo shoot is ideal. Also, super romantic to propose on that day.
    • Include your family or families, and disguise it as a family photo shoot. Say your parents are organizing it.***

A few more tips before we dive into the best places to propose in Southwest Montana

  • Try to book a manicure for your partner the day before, and have friends or family be in on it to make it less suspicious. All to make sure everything is sparkling and spotless in the ring shots.
  • Keep your pockets empty during the photo shoot and proposal. Leave your phone in the car or ask me to hold on to your stuff during your shoot. Your photos will look slightly better with no rectangular phone outline on your pants.
  • Don’t keep a big ol’ Ring Box in your pocket. Your partner will know and it looks awkward. Check out the Box Sock, if you don’t know where to put the ring these are dress socks with a hidden pocket, they even have a perfectly sized ring box.
  • Prepare and practice what you are going to say. Often when couples get engaged they get shaky, sweaty, and totally forget what they want to say. Even if you don’t plan on giving a long speech. having an idea of how you will go about it and what words you are going to use will only make you feel better, less stressed, and more confident.
  • Stay on your knee a little bit longer than you feel is normal. This will allow me to get photos from more angles and improve the final images. I will first capture you two from a 90-degree angle and then move to get your partner’s reaction by photographing over your shoulder.

Read on to see the Best Places to Propose in Southwest Montana.

The Best Places to Propose in Southwest Montana – Proposal Photography

Hyalite Canyon and Hyalite Reservoir- Bozeman Proposal Spot

Best Places To Propose By Charles Moll Photography

There is a reason Hyalite Reservoir and Hyalite Canyon are one of the most popular spots for couples to get engaged in the Bozeman area. There are a wide range of spots to choose from including sweeping views, stunning waterfalls, and incredible sunsets. Some couples even opt to make a backpacking trip out of their proposal and hike to the top of Hyalite Peak for a mountain top proposal.

Rainbow Ranch – Big Sky Montana

Rainbow Ranch Photos By Montana Wedding Photographers Charles Moll Photography

Maybe you are looking to propose over a long weekend. Rainbow Ranch sits on the Gallatin River near Big Sky and is seconds from national forest access. This is a great option for the couple wanting to have a romantic evening together following their proposal.

Triple Tree -Bozeman, Montana

Newley Engaged Couple At One Of The Best Bozeman Proposal Spots, Triple Tree

Triple Tree has to be one of my favorite spots for couples to have their proposal. It features stunning views, and easy access and is close enough to downtown bozeman that you can have dinner reservations right after your sunset proposal!

Drinking Horse Mountain – Bozeman, Montana

One of the best places to propose near Bozememan is Drinking Horse. This trailhead sits directly across from the “M” Hike. Two of the main spots couples propose on this trail are the bridge less than a mile from the trailhead or at the end of the hike on top of Drinking Horse Mountain.

Axtell Bridge – Bozeman, Montana

Best Places To Propose By Charles Moll Photography

This popular fishing access is also a very popular engagement spot. Many couples will choose this location if they are avid fishermen or are planning to get engaged while fishing. Even if you aren’t into fishing the tree cover and river make this a perfect spot for proposal photography.

The College “M” Hike

Directly across from the Drinking Horse Trailhead is the College “M” Hike. Many couples opt for this proposal location due to the stunning view that overlooks Bozeman. If you are thinking of choosing the M I would recommend taking the longer route so that you don’t end up sweaty in your proposal images.

Story Mill Park – Bozeman Proposal Spot

Best Places To Propose By Charles Moll Photography

This newer park has views of the Bridgers, river access, and a nearby bird sanctuary, Story Mill Park is one of the most well-rounded options when looking for a spot to propose. Story Mill is close to town and features plenty of stunning spaces for you to get down on one knee making it one of my number one spots for proposal photography.

Ousel Falls – Big Sky Montana Proposal spot

This has to be one of the best spots for a proposal in Big Sky. This trail is roughly 1.7 miles out and back. At the end of the trail, you will find a stunning waterfall and ample space to get down on one knee.

Chico Hot Springs – Paradise Valley Proposal Spot

This is another great spot if you are planning on a getaway weekend for your proposal. This quaint location features a natural hot spring, many hiking options, and incredible food. This is Chico Hot Spring is the perfect spot for an unforgettable romantic weekend.

Sage Lodge – Paradise Valley Proposal Spot

With views of Emigrant Peak, is considered one of the best resorts in Montana. With fishing access on Yellowstone, multiple pools, and stunning views, Sage Lodge is an amazing spot to pop the question.

The Armory Hotel – Bozeman Montana

One of the newest hotels in Bozeman has quickly become one of its most iconic and one of the best places to propose. The Armory Hotel in Downtown Bozeman is the perfect spot to propose! If you are thinking of having a romantic dinner, I highly recommend checking out the Sky Shed, the rooftop bar that overlooks Bozeman.

Yellowstone National Park

This one feels like an absolute no-brainer when putting together a list of the best places to propose. Yellowstone is filled with stunning views. Since the park is such a popular destination, your partner won’t suspect a thing when you want to go spend a day galavanting around the park. On your way back, once they have said yes, you can have a celebratory dinner in Big Sky or Livingston, depending on which side of the park you choose to enter through.

What should I wear for the proposal?

You’ll definitely want to dress up for the occasion, but since you will be surprising your partner they will be dressing up for whatever they think the occasion is. The time of year and your location also play a big part in what you should consider wearing.

  1. Formal attire For men, this is a well-fitted dark suit with a tie and dress shoes. For women, it is a little bit looser but long gowns and heels definitely fit well. Formal attire is appropriate for upscale restaurants or a special date night. If you are looking to go this route make sure your partner gets the memo, otherwise they will know something is up right away.
  2. Semi-formal attire For men, this might be a jacket, shirt, dress pants, and stylish shoes. For women, cocktail dresses, or flowy skirts are perfect. Semi-formal attire is great for summer events, outdoor parties, walks around town, and “normal” date nights.
  3. Casual This is not necessarily your everyday sweatpants and t-shirt casual. For men, this could be dark jeans and a nicely fitted shirt — and for women, a summer dress, a stylish jumpsuit, or pants and a nice blouse. I highly recommend this route, especially if you are thinking of doing something more adventurous.

A quick note on colors, think about your location and what colors are mostly present there. When thinking through your proposal photographs, you’ll definitely want to stand out in the environment and not blend completely in. If you are considering an outdoor proposal in fall, wearing lots of yellows, browns, and reds is probably not a great idea. Instead, opt for navy blue, light gray, and you can totally wear some blacks too. Do also consider coordinating your outfit with your partner, don’t try to match like twins, but complement each other. If they wear a lot of black outfits, maybe consider getting a fresh pair of black jeans.

Bozeman proposal photography package pricing

My basic proposal photography collection goes beyond just capturing your proposal, it is $1000 and includes.

  • One or two strategy calls to plan your proposal perfectly
  • Advice and tips on locations, dates, and times to maximize your experience and get the best light for your photos
  • I’ll take care of any necessary permits and/or photography fees on your behalf.
  • And put you in contact with planners, coordinators, decorators, and florists in Southwest Montana.
  • Up to an hour-long photo session on your day. Your proposal is captured, then followed by portraits and ring shots.
  • Sneak previews are delivered as soon as possible for those who want to announce their engagement on social media.
  • Full gallery delivered within 2 weeks. Includes high-resolution files and unrestricted printing rights
  • Access to my gallery store for customized framed prints, cards, albums, and more. Perfect for the save-the-dates ????

Thinking of doing something more extravagant than my basic proposal photography collection? Let’s Talk! I would love to build a custom collection for you.

Best Places To Propose By Charles Moll Photography