Roundup: Best Wedding Photography Tips for Brides 3
WeddingJune 07, 2019

Roundup: Best Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

I love shooting wedding photography because it’s the biggest day of a couple’s life. Personally, I bring a calm element to the experience which is helpful on such a stressful occasion. In the end, I want the bride to feel in her element and enjoy the power of human connection at its finest. To that end, here are several tips for brides on their wedding day.

13 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

by Lin & Jarsa

  1. Create a mood board (on Pinterest)
  2. Hire photography and videography from the same company
  3. Schedule enough time for each section of the day
  4. Minimize your locations
  5. Hire quality vendors
  6. Plan enough time for hair & make-up
  7. Wear a long veil
  8. Include toss items
  9. Incorporate a first look session
  10. Schedule the couples session during the best lighting
  11. Schedule time in your ballroom
  12. Include a sneak away session
  13. Incorporate a sparkler exit

6 Tips to Prepare For Your Wedding Day Photography


  1. Go with the flow
  2. Embrace the moment
  3. Do your hair to your “best side”
  4. It may feel weird, but it looks great!
  5. Skip the spray tan
  6. Schedule an engagement session

15 Wedding Tips From A Photographer Turned Bride

by Kelly Boitano

  1. Determine what’s important
  2. First look
  3. Hire vendors that you like
  4. Personalize your wedding
  5. Think about the small things
  6. Coordinator
  7. Save that moola
  8. Keep the moment sacred
  9. Delegate tasks
  10. Don’t forget to eat and drink
  11. Hair & makeup trial
  12. Have an emergency kit
  13. Share the timeline
  14. Avoid stress/get things done in advance
  15. What’s really important

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