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How to knock your headshots out of the park! – Bozeman Headshot Photographers

If you are anything like me this might be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience. As This is why I work with you to get photographs that best reflect you and your personality. Here are a few quick tips to look your best for your headshots.

Make sure you wear solid colors

Prints or patterns of any might look great in person, but on camera, they can be very distracting. I find that dark, neutral, and cool colors work best.  Colors such as grey and blue are great go-to’s. This help brings out the warmth of your skin and is generally flattering.

Avoid sleeveless tops

A good rule of thumb is that eyes will go wear skin shows. You don’t want people looking at your arms rather than your face.

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Layers: Experiment with layering. Jackets, scarves, and ties can add a lot of great texture and depth to your photograph. It can also allow you to create multiple headshots in one session, giving you a variety of options to use in different mediums and seasons.


Stills photography requires a light hand with a makeup brush. Keep it light and natural and remember that it’s the eyes and mouth that the person viewing your photo will focus on. If you’re susceptible to shiny skin consider bringing translucent powder which will reduce shine, make your skin look even and your pores look smaller. Avoid products with sparkles! Please remember to arrive with your makeup complete. And if you like the idea of a professional makeup artist, you’re not alone! I often work with them and I can recommend a few options if you’d like to book one for the shoot.


It’s fine to wear glasses for your shoot. If they’re part of you, then they need to be included. We will need to make sure they are spotless before your photographs so that fingerprints and spots don’t show up in the final photos. If you wear them at your desk but won’t be wearing them for the photos, please make sure that you take them off half an hour before your session. The last thing you want is those little red marks on the side of your nose showing up in the photo. 

Transitions lenses

These tend to be tricky if we are shooting outside. If you have a pair of glasses without transitions please consider wearing these or popping the lenses out your transitions. It is sometimes best to take some photos without your glasses on if neither of the above is possible.

When in doubt just be yourself – Bozeman Headshot photographer

The best photos are the ones that look like you. Just be you and I will do the rest to make sure we get absolutely stunning headshots. As a Bozeman Headshot photographer, I have worked with plenty of businesses and individuals, with varying levels of comfort. We will keep the session relaxed and comfortable so that you feel your best!

Locations to get the perfect headshot! – Bozeman Headshot Photographer

Not everyone has a space where their headshots can be done. Here are a few ideas if you are unsure where to take your new headshots.

  • At Your Home: With our mobile studio we can make almost any space work. If you have space in your living room or a spare bedroom, we can make it work!
  • Get Outside: Some of my favorite headshots have been captured at local parks. As a Bozeman headshot photographer, I have worked at most of the main parks in Bozeman. I will bring professional lighting so we can make your portrait pop any time of day!
  • Right outside the office. The beauty of headshot photography, is normally you don’t see much of the background. I have taken amazing images in the parking lot outside of an office. We can really make anything work.

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